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Areas of Specialty


At Chelsea Medical Center, we treat even the smallest members of the family. From infancy to 18, we’re here for examination, diagnosis, virtual treatment in the acute illness of your child.

Adult Health Across the Lifespan

Adult health is important to prevent harmful side effects from advancement of disease. Whether you’re sick or only need some routine maintenance labs and refills.

Women’s Health

Women’s health is important to us. If you’re starting a family or maintaining your overall health, our family NP is available for some of your women’s health needs. We provide STD screening, birth control counseling and weight loss.

Men’s Health

Men’s health is important to us as well. If you’re needing to have hormonal levels checked, our family NP is available for some of your men’s health needs. We provide STD screening, testosterone,  counseling and weight loss/gain.

Join Our Team

Employment Opportunities Available

As a medical team who is committed to giving the best, we need the best of the best.  We are seeking collaborative MD’s, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Paramedics, LVN’s, MA’s and Phlebotomists to join our professional team of health care providers.

Contact us to express your interest in joining our team by sending us a message via our online contact form.

Meet Chelsea Edwards, MS, APRN, FNP-C

President and Founder

She manages our team as the Head Nurse Practitioner ensuring all of our backgrounds work together to help support your health goals.  A mother of 3 adult daughters and 2 grandchildren, she enjoys reading and listening to music.  She earned a Master’s degree in 2012 and graduated Cum Laude with honors at Texas Woman’s University.  She is board certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She has over 25 years of experience as a nurse and has the following accomplishments: ATLS, ACLS and Doctoral Candidate at Purdue University. 

Meet Dr. Keith Rigsby M.D.

Medical Director

Our medical director is a board certified physician.  He will ensure that the team works together in order to provide informed consistent care.  His experience as an internist brings the practice the opportunity to service at a higher level of care with some acute and complex chronic conditions treating advanced stages of disease.  He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated who attended an HBCU.  He is also a strong healthcare services professional focused in Internal Medicine from the Methodist Hospital-Dallas Internal Residency Program.  He enjoys basketball and spending time with his family.

Reviews from Valued Clients

Chelsea is very compassionate and generous. It’s all we need in a medical provider. I have trusted her with my and my parents health, she has always been helpful and trusting. I have recommended her to my love ones and friends, specially during this hard times. Thank you Chelsea!
Linda N.

The BEST doctor you’ll ever have! Super helpful, understanding, and sweet! She is very passionate about her work and always puts her patients first! I really can’t express how much joy and gratitude I have for having such an amazing doctor.
Dashunah X.

We have used this clinic. Chelsea is AMAZING.

She is highly knowledgeable. If you have insurance or Not you must use them…

Quick, efficient, professional, knowledgeable and personable. ..

I can’t thank them enough for such a quick response..

Kymberly J.

I loved this Dr. She’s a very patient doctor and caring person. She empathizes with your situation.I strongly recommend her if you have any health issues. She listens carefully to you and doesn’t make a decision right away until she hears the story Anfal she will advise you to get the best medicine and the best treatment she will refer you to the right physician as well. She even help me get covered from another source based on my county I live in. I can’t thank her enough she saved my life by getting me a full coverage in Dallas Texas.
Ayat Abudyab K.

Seriously the best Dr. Ive ever had. She goes above and beyond to help! She listens, she is prompt about getting the help you need. Words cant express how much I appreciate this woman.
Halie R.

Highly recommend! Quick and easy over the phone video call, was able to look and get me the help I needed and sent out in the same day.
Tervasius J.

Ms. Edwards Is by far a saviour for women who are challenged with domestic violence and talk therapy and a very very well with knowing medications and what works and such a understanding doctor and beautiful wonderful woman and has saved me from a 2 year domestic violent relationship where I was locked in a house for 2 years. Ms. Edwards coached me to the power of getting to a safe environment. She has helped my body hea, has helped my talk therapy I can’t say enough of how AMAZING!
Ms Ashley F.

I am SO very happy to have found Chelsea Medical Center. After switching insurance carriers, I needed to find someone new. I am extremely glad that I found Chelsea Edwards. She is very prompt, listened to everything that I needed and she was very thorough in my treatment. Having virtual appointments with her is so convenient. She was even able to send someone out to my house for bloodwork, a chest X-ray and an EKG. My Rx were sent to the pharmacy quickly and I got the results back from my tests super fast. All reports were then emailed to me. This is like a high end concierge service!!!! Highly recommend.
Jilly Bean Photography


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